Our Services

A.C.S. provides affordable, full-service grant writing, evaluation, budget maintenance and grant consulting services for various types of federal, state, and local government.

Administrators are now forced to cut budgets by any and all-necessary measures.

With limited state, federal and private funding available, it is difficult to designate employees to locate, research, prepare and (if awarded) maintain the monthly, quarterly and annual budget requirements for your grant. Administrative Consulting Specialists will provide these and many other services for your organization. A.C.S provides full-time grant services for your agency at less than part-time costs.


A.C.S. will prepare a Fiscal Needs Assessment Report (F.N.A. Report) that aligns identified financial and programming needs of your agency with upcoming grant opportunities from relevant federal, state, and private funding sources.


You can substantially increase your chance of receiving a grant award if you pursue grants that have certain characteristics.
Our grant research services provide our clients with a strategic plan detailing which high yield grants they should pursue in the coming year and what to avoid.


Grant writing training represents one of the best investments your agency could ever make.
Don’t waste your time with generic workshops and webinars. Use our effective grant writer mentoring and customized training services instead.


We let you focus on your vision.
Receiving a grant award is only the first of many steps as you work with A.C.S. to build your agency’s capacity. Let us handle all of the paperwork, reporting and additional maintenance as you concentrate on growing your vision through federal, state and private funded solutions.

Our Story and Our Mission

This company was originally created to assist local law enforcement, fire, schools, municipalities and corporate entities with any and all issues related to federal, state and private grants. Unique in nature, A.C.S. provides grant research, writing, maintenance and support to our clients 24/7, 365 days a year. Our goal with any of our clients is to provide funding solutions through cost savings measures. The impact of our services is immediately seen through our low contractual fees, success in locating grants and our overall ability to allow our clients to focus on other administrative and leadership issues. It has been 20 years since we partnered with our first client and since then Administrative Consulting Specialists has evolved into a full-service administrative support system for government, educational, corporate and private agencies. With clients located throughout the Midwest, A.C.S. now provides a myriad of full-time administrative services at far less than part-time costs.

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