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Connecting your agency to the administrative resources you need through outsourcing is the key to financial success

In today’s society, no organization is immune to the economically challenged environment that currently exists. Administrators are now forced to cut budgets by any and all necessary measures. With limited state, federal and private funding available, it is difficult to designate an employee(s) to locate, research, prepare and (if awarded) maintain the monthly, quarterly and annual budget requirements for your grant.

Did you know?

We have helped clients secure over 35 million dollars in grants over the past 18 years.


A.C.S provides full-time grant services for your agency at less than part-time costs.

Who can and should utilize the services of Administrative Consulting Specialists?

A.C.S. is a professional grant administrative organization that provides affordable, full-service grant writing, evaluation, budget maintenance and grant consulting services for various types of Federal, State and Local government and educational organizations.

How are your service fees structured?

All annual service fees are based on the specific needs of our clients so whether we prepare 1 or 100 grants, the cost stays the same.

Whether awarded or not, what happens to the grant applications, supporting documentation and administrative work prepared?

All grants and administrative work we prepare are property of the client and will remain with said client after our contract is over.

How can we set up a meeting or consultation to learn more about the services that A.C.S. can provide?

A staff member from A.C.S. will be available to you by way of conference call, Zoom or in person to discuss your grant/administrative needs. Emailinfo@administrativeconsultingspecialists.com or call 847-727-9771 to set up a meeting.

Can you or do you handle ARPA reporting and monitoring?

Yes. A.C.S. is endorsed by the U.S. Treasury Office and the work we perform for anything ARPA related can be reported as a Contractual expense through your individual ARPA allocation.

How long has A.C.S. been in operation?

2022 will mark our 20th year that we have provided services to government, educational and foundational organizations.