Administrative Consulting Specialists, LLC has been a valuable and reliable partner for the City of Rolling Meadows. They have assisted our Agency for close to two decades and have provided professional and experienced support and assistance in helping numerous city departments to be successful in obtaining a wide variety of grants. During times of financial difficulties and the challenges that present themselves regarding acquiring appropriate funds for programs, initiatives and needed equipment their expertise is a welcome and much needed resource in this arena. Shifting through the volumes of grants out there I can attest that the grant process can be overwhelming, confusing and very difficult to navigate through. Many grants we have obtained would not have been attempted if we did not have the guidance of A.C.S. They were knowledgeable about the process, requirements and in tune about a vast array of grants out there that would be beneficial and meet our needs. Having them on our team is a relief as they truly handled most of the tedious work of applying for these funds and therefore gave us the confidence that we could leverage grant funding availability out there to continue to do tremendous things for the residents of this City.

John NowackiRolling Meadows
Chief of Police

“Administrative Consulting Specialists has been an excellent resource for the City’s successful pursuit of County, State and Federal grants. Their service is highly professional and responsive. The City of Prospect Heights has benefitted enormously from the grant consulting support of Administrative Consulting Specialists. They have successfully represented the City in a variety of grant opportunities involving infrastructure needs, community development programs, and police services. They have been an invaluable partner in pursuing City goals.”

Joe WadeCity Administrator
Prospect Heights

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Todd Kupsak and Administrative Consulting Specialists over the past ten (10) years. The professional staff at ACS is second to none as they provide such valuable administrative services involved with their model of maintaining updated department policy manuals that meet all accreditation standards along with their grant management and application services. ACS has provided the two departments I’ve been with as a Chief of Police, with additional funding and resources through their grant management and application process. We have received many grant funding awards through ACS’s professional services, which have significantly enhanced our department’s operations and provided much needed and truly beneficial supplementary resources.”

Jim RitzChief of Police
Willow Springs
Police Department

“Todd and his staff have always been efficient and easy to work while successfully assisting the Village with various grants over the years. Their expertise was invaluable in helping the Village navigate the various grants and awards related to COVID-19.”

Don CalmeynVillage of Rosemont
Director of Finance

“The Mundelein Fire Department has worked successfully with Mr. Kupsak and A.C.S. on a recent grant for tablets which are currently being used for medical reporting. This was our first experience with Mr. Kupsak and A.C.S. and we are extremely satisfied with their knowledge and abilities. We are currently working with them on another grant opportunity and look forward to many more.”

Bill LarkChief Mundelein
Fire Department

“The Village of Mundelein has worked with Mr. Kupsak and A.C.S. for a number of years to obtain grants and also processing grant paperwork. They have always been open and available for questions and guidance. A.C.S. has helped us obtain several grants that we would not have been able to receive on our own. In addition, A.C.S. assisted our Village in the search for our most recent Police Chief, providing an abundance of technical assistance. They have a number of services that have proven very valuable to our municipality, and I would highly recommend them.”


Eric J. GuentherVillage Administrator

“The expertise and technical support services provided by Administrative Consulting Specialists is outstanding.
The A.C.S team has expanded the City of Chicago Heights’ opportunities by researching and submitting successful grant awards for
new or alternative funding sources in support of municipal projects and programs.”

Karen M. ZeranteChief of Staff
City of Chicago Heights

“Fulltime services for less than it would cost to hire an entry level part-timer. It’s like hiring a full-time employee without the headaches of payroll and scheduling!”

Donald GreyCRP Director

“The Administrative Consulting Specialists group has helped us take on bigger and more intense development projects. ACS helped us secure funding when we had an annual budget of only $235,000, and that has helped us grow into what we are today.”

Roger RichardsCity Manager

“Administrative Consulting Specialist (A.C.S) has been an invaluable partner and asset to the River Grove Police Department’s ability to apply for and obtain grant funding. Having utilized ACS services for several years, their knowledgeable and professional grant team makes the complicated process of locating, applying for and managing grants simple. Highly recommended!”

Robert A. WrightDeputy Chief of Police